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Gourmet Scented Stuffed Animals

Smanimals are filled with super soft stuffing and environmentally friendly ceramic clay beads that are infused with a gourmet scent.

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Scent Guaranteed to last 2 Years

We are so confident in our gourmet liquid scents that we guarantee your Smanimal will smell amazing for at least 2 years.

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Help Animal Habitat Charities

For every Smanimal purchased 5 cents is donated to an animal habitat conservation charity. Register your Smanimal to choose which charity your 5 cents goes to.

Register Your Smanimals

To gain access to lots of great features


(Inside each Smanimal egg there is a scratch off area that reveals your registration code.)

  • Print your Smanimal Birth Certificate

    Once you’ve registered your Smanimal you can name your Smanimal and print out a Birth Certificate. You can also personalize your Smanimal by adding in new hobbies and characteristics.

  • Choose your Animal Habitat Charity

    For each Smanimal purchased we donate 5 cents to Animal Habitat Conservation charities. Choose which charity you would like your 5 cents to go towards. To learn more visit our charities page.

  • Know before anyone else

    Be the first to know about special offers and any other Smanimals related information. Wouldn’t you like to know what the next Smanimal is before all of your friends?? Well by registering, you will!